2 types of certifications under FCC (Federal Communications Commission)


All Digital, Electronic, Radio Frequency and communication product import to
US should comply with FCC regulation. There are two testing classes: Class A
for devices used in industrial, commercial and engineering areas. Class B is
for consumer devices and it has stricter limits. All electronic devices working
frequency from 9k Hz need FCC authorization.
From Nov 2nd, 2018, Verification and DoC (Declaration of Conformity) is combined
as SDoc (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity). Now there are 2 types of
1. SDoc
? Only for local US company.
? Requires a test report and is not mandatory for testing in the FCC Recognized
Accredited laboratory.
Can labeled with FCC logo on a voluntary basis as an indication for product
complies with FCC requirements.
2. Certification
? Mainly for telecommunication and RF product
? Manufacturer or importer applies for Cert
? Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCB) (i.e. FCC approved lab) carryout
test and audit on product spec to meet requirement.
? FCC ID to be marked on product. First part is Company Grantee Code that
assigned by FCC to a company while second part is product code. If company
is first time apply for FCC ID, it needs apply Grantee Code together.