6 types of product technology and their applications


Engineers measuring product

There are various product communication technologies in the market for remote
product application, such as home automation control product, AV control
product, or IoT products. The common technology includes Bluetooth, WIFI,
Zigbee, Z-wave, Infra-red.
IR protocol
? Remote control transmits IR signal to the main device for control and there is
protocol for IR signals for communication with main device.
? The general protocol is working at carrier frequency from 30 to 70kHz or B&O
type at 455kHz.
? There are many types protocol worldwide such as Philips RC-5, RC-6, NEC,
RCA, Panasonic, JVC, Sony, B&O ??, where Philips RC5 and NEC are the most
? Since IR codes are widely use nowadays that chance of accidental operation
of undesired device is higher.Using a specified defined protocol other than
popular format can avoid such interference incidence.
? Universal IR Descriptor (UIRD) is an open standard developed by Remotec
Technology Ltd to encode different format IR protocols of AV, Air Conditioner
and Lighting into a unified binary packet format. Different IR protocols can
be stored as UIRD format for efficient manipulation in building a universal IR
codes database
It covers device application region of US, Europe, Asia and Japan.
? It can work as an industrial standard for different companies in developing IR
control products without IR interference,
? It can apply in IR Universal Remote Controller, IR to RF bridging extender, or
any IR control product.
IR remote control terminology
? Delicate remote control is a remote that works with one target device only.
? Universal remote control (URC) has library of different IR codes that can set
to operate different devices.
? Learning function means a remote can capture delicate button IR code from
another remote controller and then stored for use.
? Macro function means a remote can sequentially send a group of preselect
IR codes.
? IR extender means the product act as a bridge for receiving one type of IR/
RF signal and then sending out a corresponding IR/RF signal to the target
device. There are extenders of IR-IR, WIFI-IR, BT-IR, Z-wave-IR, Zigbee-IR.
Cloud IR database
? For URC, the IR code database is normally embedded in the MCU or memory
IC inside the remote.
? There is another arrangement that IR code library is stored in Cloud and customer
utilize Remoteble cloud API for a remote control or a smartphone APP
to download the deserved UIRD format IR code.
? The control device should install with EZ-IR engine IC or an EZ-IR engine software
for decoding the UIRD codes into practical IR codes for use.
? For the device to communicate with the cloud network and perform authorized
code download, the device need registered with an authorized Media
Access Control address key (MAC address key) or a customized Private Key
(PA key).
? For control the legal access to the cloud IR code library, customer will be licensed
in either a limit number of device quantity, or access in a limit duration.
? The cloud IR code library is maintained by Remotec and update periodically.
Bluetooth remote
? BLE offers low power and short distance communication and no interference
from other devices.
? The transmission range is better than IR, and can use for voice and data transfer.
Furthermore, there is no line of sight issue as IR remote.
? It uses USB HID (Human Interface Device) as the basic communication protocol
between the host (e.g., TV) and the device (Bluetooth remote). Most Bluetooth
remotes use the HID Consumer Page definition as the remote control
? Universal Bluetooth remote consolidates different brands HID control commands
as superset so as control different host devices.
RF4CE remote
? Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics (RF4CE) is a radio frequency standard
that was created for remote control devices for consumer electronics.
It is a sub-category of Zigbee for remote control uses that operates in .2.4G
frequency band.
? It allows for simple, low-power, low-latency communication for a wide range
of products including home entertainment devices, garage door openers and
keyless entry systems.
? It specifies a simple remote profile for consumer electronics products so industry
has a unified standard.
? It provides Multiple star topology with inter-personal area network (PAN) communication,
Security key generation, and AES-128 security.