CES Innovation Award 2023 Honoree – Remodo Duo+



January 2023

Remotec is pleased to announce that our latest product Remodo Duo+ has been recognized as 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree.

Remodo Duo+ is a palm-sized all-in-one remote controller, designed for video conferencing and full control over popular streaming APPs. Duo+ allows users to switch between their favourite shows and their conference calls with ease, along with pre-programmed hotkeys for calls and streaming.  Powered by green solar energy, we also offer other convenience features to enhance user experience. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales person for more information or schedule a demo.

Looking for similar remotes and customization? With 30+ years experience in remotes and home controllers, Remotec proudly offers our cutting edge user friendly product features, eco-friendly alternative power solutions for controllers, and traditional & smart home appliances control database. Contact us by RTLsales@remotec.com.hk for more information