Introducing Remoteble – The World’s First Infrared Codes Cloud Service that Powers All Smart Home and IoT Products


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HONG KONG, July 15, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Remotec Technology Limited (RTL) today announces that it is launching its new cloud-based infrared code library solution at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015. The new service captures more than 25 years of industry knowhow of RTL as a smart remote control solution provider as well as a product manufacturer in the home automation market.

This new cloud-based solution which is named “Remoteble” offers an application programming interfaces (API) for various product developers in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Home Automation (HA) market segment to gain access and interoperability to the world of appliances controlled by infrared codes. Remoteble service is accessible via and various levels of licensing and commitment are available for product developers. This new service will debut at the Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai’s SNIEC Hall 4 Stand W4.F52 on July 15-17 to introduce to various mobile companies about this new solution.

Remotec has been supporting a variety of product companies in this smart living segment and many of them have also created mobile apps to bring convenience and energy saving to the end-customers. Various form factors like WiFi-to-IR hub and Bluetooth-to-IR bridges using RTL’s own developed chipsets are some of the examples of use.

Paul Cheng, Chief Executive Officer at Remotec Technology Limited shares his vision that “The smart home segment is growing rapidly with so many ecosystems springing up, it is important for product developers and also telecom carriers to look holistically that the infrared codes are still in great demand in the smart home segment”

With this new cloud-based solution, Remoteble is inviting brand owners, product developers, MSOs, MVNOs and even power companies to look to creating new devices and gadgets that could pair with mobile apps and user portal to offer smart home solutions for smart services and energy management.

About Remotec

Remotec Technology Limited (RTL) is a Hong Kong based company which had been pioneering smart remote control solutions since 1990 and is currently a product manufacturer for various Z-Wave home automation products.


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