Introduction to 10 packaging methods and how to choose between them


Above table top view of warehouse preparing post courier delivery package

Bulk pack
? Individual product is packed directly in shipping carton.
? It is common use for OEM and ODM projects that customer target to pack
with main unit.
Single card blister
? Use a blister cup to cover the product and the blister cup is heat glued onto
the blister card front surface by a heat control fixture.
Double card blister
? The blister card consists of front and back card.
? There is heat sensitive glue on card backside.
? There is cutout hole on front card to fit with the blister cup.
? The front and back card is heat-sealed together by a heated fixture that keeping
the blister in place.
Slide blister
? The plastic blister is design with slide guide on 4 sides that can fit with blister
? It gives flexibility that product can be taken out and put back easily.
? If need theft proof, it may need staple for secure the packing.
Figure 2: Slide Blister for BW0880
Sealed Clamshell
? There are front and back clamshell halves while the product and printings are
packed in-between.
? Then the front and back clamshell and sealed together by using high-frequency
welding method with a welding fixture.
Figure 3: Sealed clamshell for BW0392
Re-sealable clamshell
? There are front and back clamshell halves while the product and printings are
packed in-between.
? There are snap locks designed on the edge of the front and back clamshell
halves, then just use force to lock them together. The locks can be opened
for product checking easily.
Figure 4: Re-sealable clamshell for BW5022

Standing clamshell
? It can be a sealed clamshell or a re-sealable clamshell but design with a resting
face that the packing can be stand on table top.
? It is normally used for larger size product
Figure 5: Standing re-sealable clamshell for BW6130
Gift box
? Use a box to hold the product and there can be an internal spacer to hold the
unit or accessories in place. The spacer nowadays is mainly paper board type
for environmental protection purpose.
? Sometimes a sealing label is needed to seal the gift box from accidental opening.

Figure 6: Giftbox for BW7280
Window Gift box
? It is a gift box with a window of transparent plastic sheet that the product can
be recognized by potential buyer.
Figure 7: Plastic gift box for BW6200 & Window Gift box for BW7360
Mail Box
? It is a plain box either white or natural brown color for mailing purpose. The
material used is normally corrugated board that provides better protection in