Major tasks for product development


Industrial development engineer sharing ideas with project manager

The followings are the major tasks for a general IR remote development with
brief explanation.
Product specification, A spec that describes the product appearance, technology
and performance requirement.
Project summary, A document describes product requirement and development
timelines for all development participants.
IR Code accessing, Decide on the IR code coverage regions, assessing method
either embedded in MCU, or stored in external memory IC, or stored in cloud
Circuitry design, The task in selecting appropriate MCU and electronic components
for schematic design, and then for PCB layout design.
Software design, Use appropriate software (or firmware) and software platform
for writing program to perform product functionality.
Mechanical design, Design the product appearance and 3D construction that
prepare for hard tooling use.
Hard tooling, It normally means the hard tooling for PCB, rubber keypad, metal
parts and plastic casing.
MCU masking, It is the MCU tooling when it needs hard-code the program
onto the MCU.
BOM, Bills of Material (BOM) is part list that includes all the necessary electronic,
mechanical and packaging components with quantities to build one pc of end
LLT authorization, Long Lead Time (LLT) components, such as MCU or functional
IC, need advance booking or stock keeping arrangement as their longer
lead time need taking care for meeting scheduled ship date.
Lab approval, That means product sample is sent to laboratory for product
compliance process.
EP sample, Engineering pilot (EP) sample is engineering sample built by engineering
department for checking product performance.
Final sample, Final sample is sample building by engineering department that
performs all the cosmetic, mechanical and functions as the product specification
PP sample, Production pilot (PP) sample is production sample built by production
line under mass production environment.
QC spec, It is the product spec for checking product performance at outgoing
QC inspection.
Production Release, That means the product has been proved manufacturing
successfully in mass production and RND follow up can be transferred to other