IR Code Library

“Solution for IoT & Home Automation product developers – supported by 30 years of know-how in smart remote control units and cloud-based code library.”

What we offer


RemoteBLE offers a robust cloud based Infrared code library solution for software apps, hardware, IoT & Home Automation.

IR code library

For IoT and
Home Automation

Mobile App reference design​

Clear layouts for
easy customization

Smart home solutions

For smart services and
energy management

API account

We support customers
around the world.

IR code library

RemoteBLE captures more than 30 years of industry knowhow of RTL as a smart remote control solution provider as well as a product manufacturer in the home automation market.

Mobile App Reference Design

Customers form their first impressions by their first glances at the app layout, thus a tidy and appealing design is helpful to win their hearts.

With our reference designs provided, you can brainstorm creative design ideas and customize your apps without doing it from scratch.

Smart Home Solutions

With this new cloud-based solution, RemoteBLE is inviting brand owners, product developers, MSOs, MVNOs and even power companies to look to creating new devices and gadgets that could pair with mobile apps and user portal to offer smart home solutions for smart services and energy management.

API account

Our API comes with standard function calls using JSON format and can support customers around the world. Our cloud-based system uses Microsoft Azure cloud servers to support different regions and to ensure stability

Customer Support

🎓 Knowledge Base

With a series of supporting API documentation, application developers can easily search through what are the most relevant function calls or routines for their own development.

💡 Software Development Kit

We have developed a software development kit to allow companies to quickly design and test their applications without any hardware assembly needed.

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RemoteBLE can offer a robust Infrared codes library cloud-based solution for software apps, hardware, IoT, Home Automation.

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