Remotec announces the release of a new Z-Wave smart thermostat (ZTS-500)


Hong Kong – December 15th, 2016 –– Remotec Technology Limited today announces the availability of the new Z-Wave Smart Thermostat ZTS-500.

ZTS-500 is designed with the end user in mind. It combines compatibility with any Z-Wave certified controller or gateway with an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface. With AES 128 encrypted communication it provides user peace of mind while enjoying the convenience, energy saving and other benefits a smart system delivers.

Features and Specifications:

Optimized simple intuitive user interface
Detachable terminals board for easy installation
Works with or without C wire (battery option)
AES128 encrypted secure communication
Supports 2 stage heat, 2 stage cool, 2 stage fan
24Vac single & two stage conventional heating systems (gas/oil/electric)
Heat pump systems with up to two stages of heating (electric/gas)
Zoned forced air and zoned hot water (2 or 3 wire)
Millivolt systems (12-24Vac or DC source)
One or two stage cooling systems
Hybrid systems
Z-Wave Plus Certified (Z-Wave 500 series)
Z-Wave OTA upgradeable
Power source: 4xAA batteries; 24Vac
Battery life: up to 1 year
RF range: 150ft in typical in-house use
Dimension: 160mm (L) x 100mm(W) x 27.5mm (H)
“ZTS-500 has incorporated new intuitive and friendly user interface breaking new grounds in traditional thermostat ergonomics” says Cindy Li, Director of Home remotecAutomation at Remotec. The thermostat is compatible with any Z-Wave ecosystem to provide effective energy management and climate control for your home – enabling you to remotely and automatically control your HVAC system using mobile apps offered by various Z-Wave gateway system. ZTS-500 is designed based on the Z-Wave 500 series chipset, and is Z-Wave Plus® certified with AES128 encrypted secure communication.

CES 2017

ZTS-500 will be on display at the CES_2017 Z-Wave Pavilion. Please come see this product and speak with our representatives at CES Jan 5-8 at the Z-Wave Pavilion Booth # 21000 LVCC, South Hall 1

Z-Wave is a technology standard being used extensively by over 375 companies with over 1,500 certified products globally. And Remotec Technology Limited has been a member of the Z-Wave Alliance since 2008.

About Remotec

Headquartered in Hong Kong with additional offices in Shenzhen, China, Remotec Technology Ltd. has been the global leader in providing high quality Z-Wave, infrared and/or Bluetooth solutions, OEM/ODM services and quality home automation products. Previously known as Bondwell Computers, Remotec Technology Ltd. Has been working with original equipment manufacturers, being ISO 9001:2000 certified, and having the global leaders in technology as our clients for over 25 years and continues to strive to connect the world.

Remoteble is a division of Remotec which focuses on an infrared code library that supports many devices worldwide such as universal remote controls, TVs, air conditioners, AV equipment, media centers, etc.

About Z-Wave

Z-Wave® technology and is an open internationally recognized ITU standard (G.9959). It is the leading wireless home control technology in the market today, with over 1400 certified interoperable products worldwide. Represented by the Z-Wave Alliance, and supported by more than 325 companies around the world, the standard is a key enabler of smart home solutions for safety and security, energy, hospitality, office and light commercial applications.

Z-Wave® is a registered trademark of Sigma Designs (NASDAQ SIGM) and its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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