What are the circuit supporting components?


electronic components on motherboard

Diode, It is the basic component in a circuitry. Diode is used to control the
directional flow of electric current in the circuitry.
Resistor and Capacitor,
– Resistor and capacitor are essential to every electronic circuitry and they have
different values for different application.
– Component size 0603 (0.063 × 0.031, 1.6 × 0.8 mm) is commonly uses.
– 0805 and 1206 for higher power
– 0402 use in RF circuit for higher self-resonance and lower package parasitic
– Other lead type component can be used depends on the design.
Ceramic Resonator and Crystal Oscillator,
– Ceramic Resonator and Crystal Oscillator are electronic components that produce
oscillation frequency for MCU working.
– Crystal Oscillator has wider frequency range and stable frequency output than
Ceramic resonator.
? It can be lead type or SMT type.
? Ceramic Resonator is cheaper than Crystal Oscillator.
IR Diode,
? Normal 5mm diameter IR diode and normal transmission distance is 7m Min
and 4m Min at 30 degrees to normal axis.
? Use 3mm diameter IR diode if smaller size is required, but transmission distance
is a bit shorter to 6m Min and 3m Min at 30 degrees to normal axis.
? 3mm type cost is a bit higher.
? There is also SMT type IR diode available.
IR Receiver,
? If IR learning function is required, there is an IR receiver diode for IR code
? It is normally placed at product front end for head-to-head learning or at the
product tail for head-to-tail learning position.
? There is also SMT type IR receiver available.
? LED can be in lead type or SMD type and lead type is cheaper.
? Normal lead type is 3mm diameter with round head.
? For LED color costing, red and green < amber < blue « white.
? White color LED is basically a blue color LED by applying a yellow phosphorus
? Below photos show different shape of LED.
? Transistor is used to either amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical
? Transistors are basically classified into two types: Bipolar Junction Transistors
(BJT) and Field Effect Transistors (FET).
? BJTs are classified into NPN and PNP transistors.
? FET transistors are classified into JFET and MOSFET.
? Photo below shows different shape of transistor.