What is RFID?


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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) enables the communication between a
non-powered tag and a powered reader. There are two types RFID tags, active
type has own power source for longer reading distance, passive type has no
own power source and have to be supplied with energy via an electromagnetic
field produced by the reader. Passive tags have 3 different RFID frequency ranges: Low frequency (LF, 125-
134.2 kHz), high frequency (HF, 13.56 MHz) and ultra high frequency (UHF, 856-
960 MHz). The reading range of LF and HF systems is about a few centimeters.
UHF tags can be readable in meters distances. RFID is best use for asset tracking
and location in logistic functions.
RFID product needs complies to FCC if market in US, and complies to RED and CE
requirement if market in EU countries. From 2014, the European Commission
(EC) implemented the below logo to denote the devices that use RFID smart
chips and systems complies with EU data protection regulations.